About Our Feature Sponsor – Pro Desks

GEOC specializes in distributing technical press releases. We’re very proud to have Pro Desks as our featured sponsor.

Pro Desks is one of the biggest names in the mobile computing solution industry. The company has over 14 years providing quality laptop desks for cars, trucks, big rigs, SUVs and police vehicles. Pro Desks vehicle laptop mounts are made of well-selected material, thus they’re very durable and last for years.

Pro Desks ship their mounting solution products to your door. They own stores on Canadian, UK and American markets. The products presented on the website by Pro Desks will guarantee years of rugged usage. Pro Desks vehicle laptop desks feature custom-built bases, making it easy for you to transfer the laptop desk from one to another vehicle with just a few simple hand tools. The custom-built bases make Pro Desks laptop desks a very economical mounting option to choose for vehicle owners.

Pro Desks products are not just for personal use; they are also designed for commercial use, particularly by the professionals working in the field of construction or law enforcement. Pro Desks feature the Mongoose, Dominator, Enforcer II, Navigator – all are best-sellers in the mobile computing market.

Pro Desks focus mainly on providing laptop desks for vehicles and the rolling medical laptop carts. Their rolling laptop carts are perfectly designed to be used in hospitals, nursing homes, inventory control, patient charting and warehouse applications where a powerful durable rolling pedestal for a mobile laptop is required. There are the Regular rolling laptop cart and the Deluxe rolling cart model for customers to choose from.

Quality laptop desks, combined with their top-notch customer services, make Pro Desks the first reliable choice of many customers when they need a high quality laptop desk.